Wednesday, January 8

Building On Dreams

Donovan's school is not a mainstream school. They educate children that are "special needs". I'm not too fond of that phrase and I'm lo to admit I've used it. He couldn't handle/process mainstream school (they couldn't handle/process him ha!) and was suspended twice in first grade. Yeah, not for him we thought. The school he's at now is nothing short of a miracle. They got him reading by the middle of 2nd grade. He transferred there during the last quarter of 1st grade and he only knew his letters and numbers. He had no desire to read at all and somehow, they got him reading. Now? Donovan is in 5th grade and reads at 8.5 to 9th grade level. Yep, that's my boy. We love this school and his teachers are some of the most amazing people we've ever met. The staff gets the kids to understand things that I barely understand myself. Today, he came home so darn excited waving around some paperwork and I couldn't even begin to guess what it was that had his undies in a bunch.

He came home with a budget plan for when he's all grown up. Please note the profession he has chosen. You can take a couple guesses why he chose that one. It's an easy answer. 

I asked him to break this down for me. I inquired about the four children. He wants 2 sons and 2 daughters. I asked for their names and he said we should write them down. He doesn't think he'll remember them and he wants to show this to his wife when the time comes so he can recall the names. I give to you, my future grandchildren: Erica, Paige, Bob and Frank. I think I'll get some blankets made so we're prepared.
I will not be cleaning his mansion. I hope he can handle the blood, guts and years of school for that surgical position. (He just now said, "What if my wife doesn't like those names??? What if she doesn't pick them?" He seems extremely concerned about this.)

This monthly budget slays me. The mortgage, it makes sense. I guess? I love that his health insurance is $200/month. For a family of 6. Hot damn, that's a hell of a deal. He should probably save more than $200/mo. He clearly understands that surgeons don't have time for entertainment since he's only allowing $170/mo. for it. Workaholic, this one. 

Oof, he was not happy about the taxes. Welcome to the club son.

Based on this model, I'm going to work out my plans for when I grow up.

I think I may end up in a nice nursing home. The math is a little fuzzy.

Monday, January 6

Well Played Monday, Well Played

Mindless bullet points. It's what you get on this Monday.

  • Got the oil changed and was informed I should get a new battery, new front brake pads and a flush of the power steering line. Grand total to have them do it? Over $500. Yeah no thanks, I think I'll ask my father in law for his help. Maybe I can buy the parts and pay him to fix these things/show me how. I also will tempt him with a dinner out on the town with his favorite daughter in law. Just because I'm his only daughter in law does not lessen my position any. 
  • My 4 year old future felon (have you sent bail money yet???) absconded with her sister's lip balm and proceeded to eat it. The whole thing. She also ate half a tube of blood red lipstick. My son thought she was bleeding but as my sister in law put it, she looked like a little old lady who escaped the nursing home. She wanted to kiss me with all that on her and I had to dodge that one. She was rather fast coming at me. 
  • I know it's cold outside people. I get it. I've had to work 6-10pm the last two nights so when I leave, it's ridiculous. Let your cars warm up. Not for 5 minutes. Twenty minutes. Really. I filled up my Suzi a couple days ago so that I can let her sit there for awhile. Just be safe, please. I like you guys. Really.
  • If a door says EXIT ONLY or DO NOT ENTER I'm going to assume that, I don't know, people won't forcefully push the door in? Is that crazy of me to think that? I think so. When you push an automatic door IN when it opens OUT, you will break my door. I don't want my 2 sets of double doors stuck on open because people can't read. My cashiers don't need to be wearing gloves and earmuffs while ringing y'all up. Stop breaking my shit. Damn.
So yeah, well done Monday. Come on Tuesday, let's play nice together.

Saturday, January 4

The Baby Fix

I got a baby fix today thanks to my dear friend Mandy who came up to visit with her two girls. My lovebug of chub, Nora, will be 2 in a couple weeks. WHAAAAA?!? I have no idea where that time went. 2 weeks ago, Mandy had baby girl number 2, Alaina. Please to enjoy the cuteness:

Amiright or what??? Gah!

Celia declared the baby was hers. I said sure.
Her mama? Not so much.

Sophia has missed out seeing Mandy the last two times.
She was so excited that she was home for once.

I love and adore this photo. Oh does Donovan love the littles.
My sweet sweet boy. 

It's not that often I see Nora smile. She's a serious one, this kid.
And she's always moving. Oof. I forget that part of toddlers.

 Some days I would love to have another baby. Then I realize I'm not completely insane and go on with my day. I get the fix with Mandy's girls and all the babaaaays that come into my store. I wish my job was going around talking to all the crying babies and toddlers. I ran it past the boss but she said no. Oh well, I'll just walk around saying, "bring me the babaaaays!".

Then again, perhaps I shan't.